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The is (investment score) is the company's main score. It summarizes, in a single value, its profitability, solvency and price.

is = qs + ps

The is score is the result of the combination two other scores, qs and ps. The first one reflects the quality of the company, the second one reflects the fairness of its quoted price in the secondary markets.

In this way, the is score is all you need to evaluate the economic, financial health and stock price overvaluation or undervaluation of the company.

In summary:

  • The quality-score qs is a measure of how good the company is.
  • The price-score ps is a measure of how the company's stock are currently priced: fairly, overvalued or undervalued priced.
  • The investment-score is sumarizes, in a single score value, the qs and ps scores (a non-linear combination of both).
  • (all these scores are normalized to a value between 0 and 10)

How to use the score

Only companies with is ≥ 7 are considered to be excellent companies from a quantitative financial, economic and with a fair or undervalued quoted price.

Score calculation

We calculate the value of this score as a non-linear combination of the ps and qs scores that summarize, among other factors, the dynamic solvency, the price/free cash flow, and the economic and financial profitability of the company.