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List of companies that meet certain conditions based on our scores, geographic areas and sectors in which they operate.

This ranking of companies is calculated daily at 00:00 UTC and consists of a maximum of 100 companies per geographic area. The areas considered are Europe, North America, South/Central America and Asia-Pacific.

Selection criteria

  • gmt-score >= 7
  • Size score >= 3
  • Geographic score >= 6
  • Share price >= 0.3
  • Non-financial companies

Companies that meet these criteria are ranked by gmt-score and the top 100 in each geographic area are chosen.

Additional considerations

Number of companies in the ranking

The daily ranking will be composed of more or fewer companies, with a maximum of 100 per geographic area. The number of companies selected will largely depend on the current state of the economy in those geographic areas.

The number of companies will be lower in periods of economic growth or speculation, since in such periods of low interest rates, excess money supply tends to translate into higher prices.

In periods of economic recession or depression, share prices are corrected downward, including the price of solvent and profitable companies, so the number of companies that make up our ranking will be higher in such periods.

Share price

We exclude from the ranking those companies whose price per share is currently below 0.3 units of the currency in which they are listed, since:

  • Very low prices distort the calculations of many factors and scores, especially the factors associated with profitability, in the sense that small variations in the price cause large variations in these factors.
  • Low share prices are in many cases associated with highly speculative companies, i.e., the _penny stocks_ in the OTC markets.